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All Forums>> Shore Leave >> The Front Porch >> Does Great Music *Require* a Depraved Lifestyle?
Joined: 3/31/2002
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  Posted on 9/23/2010
I just heard about limp-dick sellout Steven Tyler signing onto American A-hole, and it got me thinking.  Aerosmith's last good record was Rocks or (arguably) Draw the Line.  Over 30 years ago.  Back when those boys were living life to the fullest.  Then they dried out, entering that downward spiral of struggling with kicking drug, alcohol, sex, etc, addiction, and and their music entered the same downward spiral.

There's so many others.  

Ozzy?  Can you compare his first two (well, Bark at the Moon had a couple decent tunes) to the drivel now as a dried-out clown.  If you think otherwise, then just drag Sabbath into the mix.

Rainbow?  Guitar god Ritchie Blackmore was cranking out his best tunes so high he didn't even know what planet he was on, and now he's clean and spending the last 10 years spitting out Ren Faire music, for cripes sake!

Megadeth?  Megadave kicks the highlife in exchange for being a family man, and hasn't had a thrash release since.

The punk groups are obviously that way.  Pistols? (I bought a Steve Jones solo CD and it was so whimpy my dick shriveled up and dropped off into my shoe -- I HATE when that happens).  How about Das Reich -- gads, they were consuming a liquor store of booze every day during their "Stalingrad" years -- then Max Hellter dried out, and there hasn't been a good tune since The Bologna Beer Farts or If I Drink Dog Vomit Will You Go To Bed With Me.

Much better to flame out, like GG Allin or The King.  Suspicious Minds -- gads, he was popping 50 pills and 10 chicks a day, inbetween bowls of bacon, at that time!

I shudder to think what Hendrix would be playing if he was still around.  Maybe he'd be like Santana - having to do covers of songs made by other bands when they were living to excess (I just saw that one yesterday -- so I can bookend my beginning and end with relevant entries).

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Joined: 5/3/2002
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  Posted on 9/23/2010
I couldn't agree more, Hose.

Most of the old bands have indeed lost their mojo.  Worse, they continue to tour resting on the laurels of yesteryear and charging an arm and a leg.

Roger Waters coming to Boston to perform The Wall without the other members of Pink Floyd is another example.  Money grab.

Speaking of Sabbath, a few years back Iommi put out an album called "Iommi" and he didn't write a single song on it.  It wasn't too bad, actually, but still...

The only band that might not fall in that class that I can think of is Rush.  In my opinion, their last album (a couple of years ago and a new one in the works due Spring 2011) is as good as anything they've ever done.

Still, despite being my favorite band I do acknowledge that they are total cash whores.  They have more compilation, greatest hits and live albums than any band I've ever seen.  And they'll certainly tour whether they have a new album or not.

Did you know that several scientists have embarked on a study to answer the following buring question; why is Ozzy still alive?  True story.  In fact, a Mass based company is involved. :)

Things sure have changed what with the whole piracy and Itunes crap going on. Plus I think that today's youth isn't quite as musically involved as my generation was.

But I digress... the answer to your question is yes. :) In a recent interview, Rush's Lifeson was asked what motivated him to keep on truckin' and he said "chicks man..."
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Joined: 10/26/2003
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  Posted on 9/29/2010
What about Urriah Heep? They still function and they issue some new album from time to time and can be still listen to. I have all albums from them.
Ozzy were in our country a few days ago and had a concert here. They said it was good. But when I see him at MTV he looks very inconvicingly he should be able to be good at podium yet. But maybe by some magic he still is at last partially.

I must to say I don't underastand contemporary music. It is somehow discordant, depressive and sad compared to merry, optimistic, rhytmical  and mostly melodic old rock of 60-80 years.  I don't like techno and rep and these style don't say anything to me. But Lately I am so tired and stressed that I prefer often silence before any music.

Lately in our country there is a boom in issuing cheap DVD films and DVD and CD music for about 2 dollars. This way I have about 1000 films for now and some music. It is good to have most the bestsellers at home. This way I buy from time to time some good DVD and CD music too. I prefer CD ones and I convert them into mp3 and listen to it mostly while driving. This way I bought albums from Toto, Jethro Tull, Judas Priest, Deep Purple and some others. Although they are often live albums from concerts they can be listen to. And some folk and country music of course as Johny Cash and so on.

A few month ago I bought new gramophone which can be connect to my computer and plates can be transferred into mp3 to computer. I have several hundreds plates which I collected from my about 14th years. But I didn't try it yet and this my Sony gramophone still lies in my anteroom. I must do some time for that.  :)
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Joined: 3/31/2002
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  Posted on 10/1/2010
Interesting subject...interspersed with a lot of what sounds like "you can't go home again" nostalgia. What, Hose..you don't like the Blackmore's Night Project? LOL!! Admittedly its not Deep Purple for sure.

Rad...Toto rocks, lol.

I think its just that you have to look a lot harder these days for "quality" in what is being produced. The younger artists are more interested in what sells and the power of the $$$ rather than any medium in which to promote a message. A long time ago, the artists actually penned the lyrics to their own songs..nowadays I'm not so sure that is the case but I can't say for certain because the Sirius/XM radio usually stays on the 70's and 80's stations when its not stuck on the trance stuff.

Mark Knopfler (former Dire Straits headman) recently did a fantastic CD entitled "Get Lucky" which while having all new material on it sounds a lot like "Local Hero" from way back. When asked about the fact that most of the songs on the album probably would never even make airplay he basically said "THHBBPPPP!! so what?" He's still writing and creating excellent music IMO and is doing so (if you take his comments to heart) because he actually LIKES writing and playing his music. Not eveyone out there is after the $$$ although I guess when you have 30-40 years in the industry you can pretty much forge your own path. I will say though that the rest of you are right with some of the old bands...those retirement funds have to come from somewhere so why not get out and do another tour? People will continue to pay.

There is some really good trance stuff out there Rad, but admittedly, its not everybody's favorite...would sort of be like me making a commitment to sit down and listen to Shawn's collection of rap and hip-hop stuff. Then going to the emergency room to stop the bleeding from my ears. lol.
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Joined: 10/26/2003
2809 Posts


  Posted on 10/3/2010
I have to admit I don't have knowledge about contemporary music. Everything has copyright now and potential good new albums of various groups are quite expensive in our country. And I don't listen to radio because there is a lot of stupid matters on radio stations and too much commercial. In the past we didn't have anything except music but now we have computers, games,films and so on so music was somehow pushed aside at lest in my life. And as I said already above how I am getting old I need more and more quiet and furthermore I don't like nowday's music styles too much and for that reason the selection is small for me.  ;)

I like Knopfler and Dire Straits and I have several albums from them but I didn't have any occasion to listen to "Get Lucky" yet.   :)
  Edited on 10/3/2010
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All Forums>> Shore Leave >> The Front Porch >> Does Great Music *Require* a Depraved Lifestyle?
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